Our Idea

Among many ideas that continue to make vital the economic strength of Salento, one in particular could make a real example to show that brilliant innovations are present in this region and these could have a positive influence on the economy. The idea comes from two experts in the food business who, from the common love for cooking and for good things in life have created a black olive sauce, sweet and palatable that has an interesting use in confectionery.It is possible to create unusual recipes based on the use of this important raw material from Salento. The novelty and interest for the recipes is that they are based on olive oil, and the use of this is deep-rooted in the local area. The organoleptic characteristic that binds these recipes is unique if made with ” celline olives ” and it cannot be produced with other types of cultivars.It is the celline olive that determines its uniqueness and originality. The relationship between acids, fats and then sugars, makes the products obtained very balanced and has many possible uses for various applications and numerous types of confectionery.