Olivotto: uses and feelings

The Product

This product may have widespread use worldwide. Various categories of professionals and agro food companies can make use of it such as: chefs, confectioners, businesses that deal with semi-finished or finished products in the confectionery trade, allied companies that sell only niche products,and of course home cooking.

Its uses

Ice cream, sorbet, mousse, bavarian cream, sweet flavored sauce, glazes, liquor, confectionery, soft confectionery, tarts, yogurt, baked pastries, panettone, breakfast, fruit juice, stuffed sweet bread,cakes of various kinds, such as sponge cake with olives, ring-shaped cake with olives, chocolate, confectionery, candies.It is also a good accompaniment to eat with cheese. It can be used with many ingredients in the production of desserts, eg. chocolate, hazelnut, etc. Last but not least it can be eaten on its own. The use of this product is so vast that it is impossible to list all its uses.


We stress however that the desired effect is sweet and it leaves the palate clean without needing to drink water, as usually happens when you consume substances that are very sweet ..

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